Where does Nitro Tea come from?

To be honest, we have no idea.

We got to know Nitro Tea in Asia.

Tea has been drunk there for thousands of years. Whether hot or cold, it always depends on personal preference. And they get a lot of things. Because nowadays tea can be so many things: traditionally brewed tea leaves or blends made from flowers and fruits. Hot brewed or cold extracted - all this makes tea so versatile!

The trend in the Southeast Asian region in 2018 is developing quite similarly to that of coffee, and in one direction: NITRO.


Brew your favourite tea and let it steep for a long time (about 30 minutes). Fruit teas work best for this!

Tea can also be extracted cold like coffee.


Nitro Tea is best enjoyed ice cold. Give it time and let the tea cool to at least room temperature.

Then pour it into a suitable container and connect it to your Nitro machine.


By adding nitrogen, the tea becomes extremely smooth and the natural sweetness comes out.

Super delicious even without the addition of sugar!



Coffee leaf tea, as the name suggests, is made from the leaves of the coffee plant. Unlike the bean, which is found in the coffee cherry, the leaves are not meant to be eaten by animals. 

To protect itself, the plant stores its "natural plant protection agent" caffeine mainly in the leaves.



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