to the fascinating 

world of nitro.

one device.
endless possibilities.

When you choose nitro, you have countless fresh and original beverage options to explore and try. 

Commonly found in specialty coffee shops, nitro goes beyond coffee - it can transform fruit drinks for your kids, cocktails for your friends, and virtually every imaginative concoction in between into something truly special. 




SCHULTES nitromachines are unique devices for professional preparation of high-quality nitro drinks. It's the easiest and most satisfying way to create creamy smooth nitro cold brew coffee, fancy nitro cocktails or iced teas, lemonades and more - the possibilities are endless. 

Enjoy nitro drinks with consistent quality,

in every tap, in every glass!

nitromachines with

no gas-bottles.

SCHULTES nitromachines don't need external gas bottles - because they use filtered nitrogen from the atmosphere.

We clean the atmospheric nitrogen with various technologies (use of sterling silver in the lines) from the field of medical technology. This prevents contamination of the liquid in the machine and beverage losses. 

Together with the very compact design, this
ensures a very small footprint on counters.

no gas-bottles.

 multi-level filter.

compact size.

patented technology.

and maintenance.

All SCHULTES nitromachines work on the same simple principle: liquid and air nitrogen are fed through the machine in separate lines and are not mixed until tapping directly in front of the outlet tap. This distinguishes us from competitor machines and converted beer coolers, which mix everything as it enters the machine and thus "contaminate" the cold brew already in the machine!

Our patented design makes cleaning really easy! The cleaning and hygiene of a facility are the be-all and end-all in catering. That is why it is extremely important to us to build a machine that is easy to clean. 

The cleaning process is very simple 

thanks to the cleaning set.



easy cleaning.

All components are made of stainless steel or conform to FDA/ NSF standards. There is no dead space in our units like in converted beer coolers.

If you clean and maintain your device regularly,

you will have fun with it for a very long time!

We have adopted this approach from our CNC machine tools!

premium quality.




in bavaria.

With our first model, we created a timeless design in 2016.

Since we started designing, one thing is clear to us: we want to build a machine that always looks good, no matter what angle you look at it from! An eye-catcher that you can proudly display on your counter.
The characteristic silhouette of all our nitromachines is shaped by an iconic look and defines the DNA of our models. The back of the nitromachines is dominated by a central single-frame grille as a design element. It creates an imposing appearance and at the same time ensures heat dissipation for cooling.



we stand for real

german engineering 

and craftmanship.

We are proud to exclusively manufacture all products in our factory in Germany.

Our focus lies on high quality products ― For us, continuous development as well as consistently outstanding design and usability are self-evident. Responsible handling of resources and treatment of the environment complete our comprehensive sense of responsibility.

what makes nitro so special?


Increasing the surface area of the drink allows the aromas and other flavors to be perceived more intensely, especially sweet and fruity notes.


Creamy foam crown, mesmerizing waterfall effect 
and intense colors.


Enchant your customers - tapping fresh from the
stands out and looks incredible


Nitro is pure motion - for those who tap
and those who

create a nitro

coffee menu. 

By combining just a few ingredients such as milk or tonic water you can present your guests a completely new menu with your favourite coffee chain drinks. Super easy and quickly to realize with your SCHULTES nitromachine.

Stunning look and super tasty! 

create a nitro

tea & lemonade menu. 

Homemade lemonades are a refreshing and versatile drink that is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. Whether as a non-alcoholic alternative to cocktails or as a thirst quencher on a hot summer's day. 

Homemade ice tea and lemonade are 
a must-have on every drinks menu.

cold brew.





standardize and 

optimize your workflow.

A SCHULTES nitromachine gives you the benefit, that it doesn't matter who is behind the bar, because anyone can turn a tap and draw a glass of fresh nitro. All you have to do is provide the drink, either ready-made from a bag-in-box or freshly prepared in one of our wide-neck kegs. 

This will solve problems with non-skilled or new staff and will lower your costs especially in the hospitality industry. And the biggest advantage:

Your drinks will be consistent in taste and look.

SCHULTES Nitromachines

€ 2.049,00
NITRO 3.0 Classic
€ 3.249,00
NITRO 3.0 Pro
€ 3.599,00

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