Manufacturer of exclusive nitro machines. 

 Handmade for you in Germany. 

After almost two years of concentrated development work, we proudly present our new NITRO 3.0 in the Classic version.

 in Germany. 

Our machines are designed and assembled by hand in our manufactory in Bessenbach, in the Free State of Bavaria. Here, the ingenious ideas of our designers are implemented by dedicated craftsmen who take care of every last detail of production. Nothing is left to chance: Each of our machines is the result of meticulous work, high-quality workmanship and state-of-the-art technologies.

With the NITRO 3.0 series, we are introducing a PRO version for the first time: 

This differs from the CLASSIC in that it has a thermometer made of handcrafted oak wood from the Spessart region of Germany, which is placed centrally in the new NITRO CONTROL PANEL. They are also equipped with the impressive NITRO lever and a large drip tray as standard.

At one glance


No gas bottles.

No more lugging around those pesky gas cylinders - you don't need them any more! Our NITRO systems use filtered nitrogen from the atmosphere instead of the expensive nitrogen from the bottle. So you save your back, your nerves and your wallet!

Ultra compact.

Space on the counter can sometimes be tight, especially in depth. That's why, when designing the new 3.0 series, we placed great emphasis on making the system as compact as possible while at the same time providing great performance. The result requires only 26 x 32 cm of floor space!

High-performance cooler.

At the heart of each of our systems is the revolutionary refrigeration rack with breakthrough PCM technology. The storage capacity for cold has been more than doubled compared to conventional storage media! We have also redesigned the entire geometry of the stainless steel cooling lines and use the environmentally friendly R290 coolant.

Multi-level filter.

Hygiene and cleanliness are top priority, especially when working with coffee or tea in combination with "air": That is why the atmospheric nitrogen used is purified by the internal multi-stage filter system with extra sterling silver insert. The silver ions interrupt vital processes on and in the bacterial cells and ultimately kill the bacteria.  We have adapted this process from medical technology.

Plug and play.

We know this ourselves: Nobody wants to go through lengthy and complicated installation work. That's why you can start right away with a NITRO. Unpack, set up, connect the bag-in-box or wide-neck canister and off you go!

User friendly.

We like things to be uncomplicated. The best machines are those that can be used intuitively. After a short briefing, our systems can be easily operated even by beginners, thanks to the clear NITRO CONTROL PANEL!


 With a SCHULTES nitro machine 

 you can not only turn Cold Brew into Nitro 

 into nitro! 

Use your machine and your creativity (or we can help you with the recipes) and build a new menu. With a few extra ingredients like milk, tonic or syrup, you or your staff can make drinks super fast. Stunning to look at and super tasty!


The unit sucks in the liquid, cools it down and adds filtered atmospheric nitrogen only at the moment you flip the tap.


What is Bag-in-Box?

Bag-In-Box means pretty much what it is: it is a plastic bag filled with a liquid (e.g. Cold Brew) in a cardboard box.

Long shelf life without preservatives.

When the liquid is withdrawn, no air flows into the tube; instead, the tube contracts (vacuum effect). This prevents oxidation and the liquid can be stored at room temperature for at least 4 weeks without preservatives. Pasteurisation eliminates the need for unnecessary preservatives.

Space-saving and more enviromentally friendly.

Bag-in-boxes are super easy to Bag-in-box is also a very environmentally friendly form of packaging, this is partly because bag-in-box packaging saves a lot of weight and space compared to a glass bottle or a barrel. Especially because of the cuboid shape, the box is more volume-efficient, which in turn leads to lower CO₂ emissions during transport and storage. In addition, both the bag and the box are fully recyclable.

 Wide-necked barrel. 

You want to make your own cold brew, iced tea or cocktail?

No problem at all. Brew and filter your drink and then fill it into one of the practical wide-necked kegs. Easy to use and to clean afterwards. Equipped with stainless steel NC connection and available with a filling volume of 6.4 litres, 15 litres or 26 litres.


When we set about designing the 3.0 series, one thing was clear to us. We wanted to build a machine that always looks good, no matter from which angle!

Our nitro machines are characterised by their characteristic silhouette and their simple but elegant appearance. The back of the machine is characterised by the central radiator grille, which provides an imposing look thanks to the colour contrast of the hexagonal grille and the three-dimensional logo and is a real highlight. 

So your nitro machine doesn't have to hide next to your espresso machine! On the contrary: present it on your counter and your customers will ask you about it.

 one of 

 a kind


Wooden handle
Laser engraving.

Engraved in a handle made of local Spessart oak. Handmade at our partner carpentry in the neighbourhood.


Whether single-coloured, as a film plot with your design or multi-layer special films with profile. Our professionals pack your machine exactly as you want it.



Laser engravingon
the housing




Our environment is important to us. That is why we try to protect it. Through local suppliers and short transport routes, through efficient manufacturing and the use of renewable energies. And, of course, through the durability of our products.


We are looking forward to your message.