SCHULTES NITRO has been created as a brand from our family business Schultes Maschinenbau GmbH.

For more than 60 years our company, now in its third generation, has been manufacturing parts and assemblies for the industry. A substantial part of our long-term customers mainly come from the healthcare, motor and energy technology sectors. 

Due to the common requirements of the machining industry, we are accustomed to meet the highest quality demands and to bring all kind of special customer requests to life. A strong tradition serves as the solid foundation that has shaped our values. 

Decades of experience allows us to create innovative, future-oriented solutions for ambitious customers and users.

passion for

coffee & design.

A passion for coffee has always existed and goes back to our company founder Berthold Schultes, who could not and would not start his working day without a decent cup of coffee.

The path to building machines for the specialty coffee industry was a bit unconventional: out of a bet with a buddy from the coffee industry, Bernhard Schultes (CEO since 1991) developed an espresso machine that has been patented several times.

He had won the bet and the espresso machine has now been in our office since 2012, providing our employees with espresso. The passion for machine development around coffee then spread to the third generation. 

In 2016, we discovered cold brew and especially nitro - so that the three brothers of the third generation founded their own company and brand for this purpose in 2017.

we stand for real

german engineering 

and craftmanship.

We are proud to exclusively manufacture all products in our factory in Germany.

Our focus is on high quality products ― for us, continuous development as well as consistently outstanding design and usability are self-evident. Responsible handling of resources and treatment of the environment complete our comprehensive sense of responsibility.

made in Germany.

hand crafted.

The SCHULTES nitromachines were developed from the ground up with a focus on easy handling, maximum performance and optimal stability of the product, hygienic and easy cleaning combined with unique design.

When selecting materials, we pay meticulous attention to quality. That is why we prefer to use medical grade components and FDA compliant or NFS certified parts.

local and



It is also important to us, that we and our suppliers work sustainably:

  • We mainly use stainless steel from local suppliers. Short transport routes significantly reduce our CO2 footprint

  • Our wood comes from the nearby forest „Spessart“- we do not consider tropical woods! The wood is processed by a small carpenter from the neighborhood.

  • Our production was promoted by the EU for better energy efficiency. Our factory is fed by PV-energy which comes from an energy storage system developed by our sister company iris energy. 

  • The insulation of our nitromachines is made of 100% recycled styrofoam. We collect this material often used in packages and have it processed by our partner.

real wood and

stainless steel.


We look forward to hearing from you!