pimp your bar.

optimize your workflow.

A SCHULTES nitromachine gives you the benefit, that it doesn't matter who is behind the bar, because anyone can turn a tap and draw a glass of fresh nitro. All you need is your freshly prepared cocktail in one of our wide-neck kegs. This will solve problems with non-skilled or new staff and will lower your costs especially in the hospitality industry. And the biggest advantage: 

Your drinks will be consistent in taste and look.



Mix all your ingredients exactly according to your recipe, like in the video. That's all the time you need for the prepartion of approximatly 30 drinks á 200 ml (6,0 L).

who needs a 


for cocktails?

The SCHULTES nitromachine is ideal for bars and event caterers who have an increased demand for cocktails such as Espresso Martini or Passionfruit Martini at peak times. Preparation in a shaker is particularly tedious and strenuous - each drink has to be prepared individually. Stress is guaranteed.

When using a nitro machine, the cocktail is prepared in advance and then only tapped to order. Every drink has a perfect head of foam, a waterfall effect and the same recipe is guaranteed.

This reduces the workload on staff while at the same time increasing quality and quantity.


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