Large, heavy nitrogen bottles are a pain.

And cumbersome keg systems with huge space requirements too. 

We don't even want to talk about ugly converted beer coolers. 

That's why we build our nitro machines..


The best machine is useless if no one can use it. That is why we have made sure that our nitro machines can be operated intuitively and that all important setting options are centralised on the top of the machine in the new NITRO CONTROL PANEL.

The unit can be switched on and off via an enlightened switch, the same applies to the NITRO function. You can also adjust the nitro supply and the cooling via a rotary control. 

Easy and smooth.

  • CONTROL PANEL made of milled aluminium, with protective powder coating and laser engraving. 
  • Knob made of high-quality stainless steel with ribbing.
  • Illuminated pressure switch.
  • NITRO ON/OFF function: Nitrogen supply can be switched on or off. So you can serve drinks with nitro or without nitro!


When we set about designing the 3.0 series, one thing was clear to us. 

We wanted to build a machine that always looks good, no matter from which angle!

Our nitro machines are distinguished by their characteristic silhouette and their simple but elegant appearance. 

So your nitro machine doesn't have to hide next to your espresso machine! On the contrary: present it on your counter and your customers will ask you about it.

The back of the device is characterised by the central radiator grille, which provides an imposing look with the colour contrast of the hexagonal grille and the three-dimensional logo and is a real highlight. 

  • Stainless steel housing made of 1.5mm stainless steel sheet with protective powder coating
  • 360° Design: All-round attractive design

All Pro models have a central thermometer that indicates the temperature in the cooling block. 

The housing of the thermometer is handmade from German oak, and we have the thermometer specially made by a renowned German manufacturer in our design. The appearance is completed by a stainless steel ring.

  • Thermometer from German premium manufacturer
  • Thermometer case handmade from German oak and stainless steel frame
  • Thermometer with HANDMADE IN GERMANY lettering and family crest

of the 3.0 SERIES.

No gas bottles.

No more lugging around those pesky gas cylinders - you don't need them any more! Our NITRO systems use filtered nitrogen from the atmosphere instead of the expensive nitrogen from the bottle. So you save your back, your nerves and your wallet!

Ultra compact.

Space on the counter can sometimes be tight, especially in depth. That's why, when designing the new 3.0 series, we placed great emphasis on making the system as compact as possible while at the same time providing great performance. The result requires only 26 x 32 cm of floor space!

High-performance cooler.

At the heart of each of our systems is the revolutionary refrigeration rack with breakthrough PCM technology. The storage capacity for cold has been more than doubled compared to conventional storage media! We have also redesigned the entire geometry of the stainless steel cooling lines and use the environmentally friendly R290 coolant.

Multi-level filter.

Hygiene and cleanliness are top priority, especially when working with coffee or tea in combination with "air": That is why the atmospheric nitrogen used is purified by the internal multi-stage filter system with extra sterling silver insert. The silver ions interrupt vital processes on and in the bacterial cells and ultimately kill the bacteria.  We have adapted this process from medical technology.

Plug and play.

We know this ourselves: Nobody wants to go through lengthy and complicated installation work. That's why you can start right away with a NITRO. Unpack, set up, connect the bag-in-box or wide-neck canister and off you go!

User friendly.

We like things to be uncomplicated. The best machines are those that can be used intuitively. After a short briefing, our systems can be easily operated even by beginners, thanks to the clear NITRO CONTROL PANEL!

of the 3.0 SERIEs.

Stainless steel housing with white or black powder coating. Other colours and foiling on request!

Electric pressure switch with illumination and stainless steel rotary control for stepless adjustment of the nitrogen supply. NITRO CONTROL PANEL made of aluminium with powder coating and laser engraving.

Radiator grille with black hexagonal perforation and frame made of aluminium with powder coating and 3-D "NITRO" logo..

Stout tap with laser engraving and creaming plate.

Patented technology for NITRO enrichment and integrated air filter with silver inlay.

Cleaning set consisting of 5L folding canister, 3 x packs of cleaning powder, cleaning brush and cleaning ball as well as replacement O-rings included.

The right handling.

The central element of every nitro machine is its tap and the corresponding handle. 


All machines of the 3.0 series in the Classic version are supplied with the "V-handle".

We have always made the "V-handle" by hand from real German oak (from the local Spessart region). The wood is refined through repeated sanding and varnishing and gets its unique feel - so that every tapping feels good!

The machines of the 3.0 series in the Pro version are supplied exclusively with the newly designed "NITRO lever". 

This is a homage to the classic espresso machines with a hand lever and at the same time is reminiscent of the thrust lever in an aeroplane. Dose your portions perfectly in every glass and celebrate the pouring process like a real pro!

unique pieces.





Output capacity
ca. 40 l/h

Continuous cooling capacity

(at 7°C temperature difference)

ca. 30 l/h

Minimum cooling capacity

4 °C
Built-in compressor
Beverage lines

1/N/PE AC 230 V 50 Hz 1,6 A

Power300 W
RefrigerantR290 (50g)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
32 cm x 26 cm x 35 cm
Weight25  kg


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